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The Shamans Drum


Each month we run Drumming group here in Derbyshire. The Group is for people that enjoy Drumming, but we like to involve a little shamanic work for those that wish to Develop themselves personally ,heal themselves, connect  and become part of a Community .

So what we though we would do is set up a few files  on Drumming , a little info on Shamanism and take a look at some of the ideas we come up with for the shamans drum that are designed to make you think about things .


Of course to attend the Shamans Drum you don't have to be involved in any shamanic work , it might not be for you .  You just might to want to come along and Drum, and thats fine because we get some amazing rhythms going . All we would ask is that you respect the space we create and help hold that for those that wish to do some shamanic work whist you enjoy drumming .    Also it would not be a really good idea to attempt any of this type of work till your ready .


To begin any type of shamanic works you the first thing you would need to do is find a guide . (we’ll take about that when we look at Shamanism )  You'd need to develop a good interaction with these guides and have ability to undertake shamanic journeying proficiently. If learning about shamanic  journeying and developing yourself is something your interested in your welcome to contact us and have a chat. If you want to take that further we can help with this .


But again if you want to come along and Drum that s also fine . If you have never  bent a drumming group before  thats not a problem . The main idea of the drumming circles is to allow  People who enjoy Drumming to get together  and share the experience of drumming  and rhythm. Even if you just want to come along and give it a try .

There is no experience needed and Beginners are welcome.

Drumming circles are a noisy Fun and friendly evenings with a sense of community spirit. We believe that the drumming circle creates  a space where all are equal .It is a space where people are allowed to drum and express themselves freely.

A place where you can meet others who drum and interchange ideas.

Drumming together creates a  strong sense of group identity and a feeling of belonging. Participants are actively making music together. The sustained repetition of the steady beat acts to bring people together physically, emotionally, and mentally .Drumming brings people together to become a part of something bigger than themselves. Tribal in many cultures, the drum circle lets everyone be equal, no significance is given to age, status, personality or image.

For all drummers A Drumming group is a good space to practice within and allows you to pick up rhythms  from others around you .However there are no teachers or teaching sessions . But anyone would be happy to discuss drumming and there experiences.






The Shamans Drum Drumming Circle and shamanic Journeying,

A Place for you to Relax , Enjoy the Rhythm, Journey , Meditate, Chant , Dance or loose yourself to find yourself .

Discover the spirit of the Shamans Drum, from mystery's of creation to the here and now. Connecting yourself, your community and your spirit, balancing your soul, unite with the spirit of your drum.Create sacred space, find your path, your voice, your song, heal your soul.Drumming circles designed to connect you with your drum and spirit.

Please bring your drums and percussion instruments, rattles tambourines.you voice, song, Dance.

No experience needed ,

If you think going a drumming circle is for you come along and see how you like it

Bring your percussion Instruments

some can be provided

Also Rattles and shakers


Drumming circles Designed to connect you with your Drum and Spirits

begins at 19:30 Doors open 19:00

For more infomation contact Pat or Del on 01332 880984

[email protected]



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