Handmade Deerskin Drums and Rattles  Shamanic  tools and services. 





THE ISLE OF AVILON  Foundation Ltd, Workshops & Courses in Personal Development & Spiritual Transformation


THE BEARS DEN  Shamanic Healing and couses in shamanic studies 


DEER TRIBE Metis Medicine Society, UK affiliated centreThe Lodge offers teachings, workshops, ceremonial opportunities, learning tools and publications to anyone who seeks knowledge, healing, spiritual self-development and physical



EAGLES WING Center for contempory shamanism.



FIRECHILD  Shamanism workshops, shamanic training, medicine crafts, healing, drumming, trance dance and mind, body, spirit events in Spalding, Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and the UK


FLIGHT OF THE CONDOR  Shamanic Journeying , Drumming  and hints for the shamanic pracitioner


FOUNDATION FOR SHAMANIC STUDIESsource for information and products relating to the study of shamanism and shamanic healing.



 FOUR GATES Foundation offer inspirational workshops and events to bring you healing, empowerment, greater self-awareness, and wonder, and get you back in touch with your soul



HOLLOWQUEST the official website of Caitlín & John Matthews.

Celtic and Arthurian mysteries and shamanism , rituals that honour the ancestral ways



 HUMDRUMSTRUM Rhythm  for a Healthy life : using rhythm for relaxation, meditation and healing



NATIVE DRUMS  an exciting and innovative website devoted to the rich heritage of First Nations culture.



NORTHERN DRUM  Shamanic Centre , Workshops and Training groups, Shamanic Training ,  with Chris Luttichau  


PINE CLOUDS.  Derbyshire Shamanic Group Meets monthly for journing and Shamanic work. Jean can offer shamanic soul retrieval on a one to one basis



RIVERDREAMER shamanic tools, Drums, Rattles feather fans and clothing Plus workshops



RIVERDRUM  Tom Cowan is a shamanic practitioner specializing in Celtic visionary and healing techniques




A Shamanic Society that aims to reflect the worldwide community of Shamanic Practice and the unifying harmony between the Spirit and the Mundane, Heaven and Earth; and the inevitable living destiny of the  journey therein.





SAMI Drums , Drums and shamanism


SCANDINAVIAN   CENTER FOR    SHAMANIC STUDIES Jonathan Horwitz & Annette Høst   is a small independent network,  founded on teaching and encouraging the practice of shamanism.



SHAMANS  Links to  Shamanic sites. includes Shamanic Practicesand , Journying, soul retreval, Songs, Chants,dance and mantras. Events and training. Drumming and drumming circles;



SPIRIT HORSE FOUNDATION is thoughtfully researching and reclaiming the ancient ceremonial and cultural traditions that are common human heritage.



TALKING DRUM PUBLICATIONS Drake began  his journey into rhythm by studying with Mongolian and  American shaman. On these pages is all you need to Know about Drumming , Therapeutic effects , Spiritual aspects and many more articles



THE WILDERNESS  HOUSE. Sami Guest house in the North of swedan Specalising  in Sami Culture andArtic Herbs.



WARRIOR IN THE HEART SHAMANIC WORKSHOPS  And TRAININGS With Howard and Elsa Malpas:  Howard and Elsa have been studying and practicing Shamanism since 1983 and during that time have realised that it is more a remembering, an ancient knowing, rather than a learning





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