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We have been facilitating Drumming circles for over 12 years now . They were Born out of the fact that there were no Drumming circles held in the area.  In fact there were virtually none in the East Midlands .


We believe that the drumming circle creates  a space where all are equal . It is a space where people are allowed to drum and express themselves freely. A place where you can meet others who drum and interchange ideas.

Within these within this Drumming circle  we hope to consider what one can achieve from a shamanic point of view when using and connecting with  your Drum.


To begin to Achieve this we always hold that drumming group within sacred space. By Smudging and calling quarters. Creating a safe space for those that wish to work in it.


Creating sacred space might no be for everyone  but we always feel it’s a great place to start. It’s always a great reminder that you are about to do something different . That you are at least setting time for yourself . Putting the everyday  the other side of the door and allowing yourself to relax . For others it’s a reminder that you are connecting with spirit . the spirit of your drum and again being mindful of this and the above intension. It’s time for you.                


   For those wishing to work and journey , it’s a time to connect with their guides and the sacred .

We also need to set our intent for drumming to . Often we come up with a topic or a theme for the evening ,either based on the changing seasons , the wheel of the year , or some burning idea we get . It is not compulsory to follow our ideas, indeed you might have just come along to Drum. You might be attending with something you want to journey on and explore . We hope that in creating the space and the time you can use it to your needs .


Before we begin drumming we have found that it is good to connect  and wake the spirit of the Drum . This is achieved by a simple meditation. Introduce a little while ago  we run trough a simple meditation of being connected to the earth and sky , and to each other within the circle . Though you are there as an individual .

It’s been found that in formulating this thinking we begin to focus as a group , even those that are along for the first time . We found that the rhythms begin to flow better and  within this we can begin to create some energy to support those  wishing to journey .


We end the meditation by connecting to our Drum and setting the intent of using our drums to help with any Journing work we wish to do.  Holding on to our intension for this journey , we begin the first Drumming round .


Within the shamans Drum we normally have four  rounds of drumming.  Each last around 20 minuets. The are based on the work of Michael Drake  from his book the Shamanic Drum a guide to sacred Drumming. Michael describes the first round as a prayer round . For us if you are  journeying is where you connect with spirit.  Ask your question , formulate that intent and begin to process and find out what you as an individual want to journey on . What question you want to ask , resolve , What you need to heal .


The second Round is a Healing round , here we hope that you can find  whist journeying an answer to your  question , some insight or  healing .


 Although each round is intended to last for around 20 minuets but that depends usually on the energy of the Drumming . If it the energy  dissipates it’s then when we stop the round , that can be sooner or later than intended . But somehow it seems to know when we need to stop .


The Third  round usually commences after a break . We done our work , it’s a chance to celebrate within that space. we can do this by just Drumming. Sometime there might be dancing , chanting . On Occasions we have something extra . Healing session for those that need it , a small ceremony  if appropriate. Whatever feels right . But again if that not for you  we’d be happy for you to just drum and support those within the circle .


We always Finish with a Thank you round . This is a drumming round where we say think you for any insights , any healing and for the guidance of our spirits.

We then close circle


But of course not every Drumming Circle will involve this . There are Places where you can just Drum. Though we like to think that you could do this at the shamans Drum. You dont have to be involved in any Journeying work or connecting with any Spirit guides.


There are lots of other benefits from Drumming .These  including sustained physical activity, relaxation, and use of fine motor skills                                                                                                                                    physical and emotional benefits of drumming are well recognised and documented                                              It relaxes the body and calms the mind.                                                                                                                   It improves concentration and focus.                                                                                                                       It promotes confidence, self-esteem and well being.                                                                                              It produces feelings of integration and euphoria.                                                                                                      It develops and improves listening skill.                                                                                                                    It develops awareness of and respect for others. .                                                                                          Because drumming is said to involves both the logical and the creative hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, it can also improve creativity.                                                                                                                                  It develops awareness of and respect for others.                                                                                            Because drumming is said to involves both the logical and the creative hemispheres of the brain simultaneously, it can also improve creativity.                                                                                                                    Drumming can be use as a tool to aid empowerment, communication, confidence, community and team building.

There are many Health benifis from Drumming to Including  helping to reducing Stress and  lowering Blood pressure

Sound is a powerful tool it  can be used for celebration, healing, journeying and bonding purposes.



The principal of the Shamans Drum is

A series of drumming workshops designed to connect you with your Drum.                                                   There will be lots of drumming and Chances to explore the Rhythm of the Drum.                                              But We  hope to bring you a chance to look at  other activities for you and your Drum.                                     To Discover the Spirit of the Shamans Drum. and To Unite with the Spirit of your Drum.                                  To Create a safe and Sacred Space , To Journey, Connecting Yourself, your  Community and Spirit. Balancing your soul, find your Spirit Guides .Find your Path, your Voice, and your Song.                                                                Heal your Soul. to discover things from the From the Mysteries of Creation to the Here and Now.




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Drumming at the Shamans Drum

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